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Jolie Laide: Unconventional Beauty in Design and Decor

Jolie Laide, a term of French origin, embodies the concept of discovering unconventional beauty within imperfection. It highlights how peculiar or unattractive elements in fashion and design possess a unique ability to captivate us. The beauty of this ethos lies in its inherent lack of stringent rules. If you seek to invigorate a space that feels somewhat rigid or predictable, consider these pieces to add a touch of spice.

Incorporating decor that reflects organic shapes and materials, embraces natural beauty, and incorporates historical elements is a method of infusing character into your living space. By integrating elements of this ethos, you can imbue your space with a narrative essence.

The Wrinkle Vase

Ceramics are a great way to introduce organic shapes into your space. This wrinkle vase is alive with movement and interesting irregularities.

Boston Head Light Sconce 

From one of our favorite lighting vendors comes the

Boston Head Light Sconce. This sconce is a blend of

old and new design elements that feels a bit quirky, nautical, and

very charming.

Tip: If your bathroom is feeling a bit too new (yes, that's thing),

these sconces will give it a timeless feel. To tie the look together,

we recommend adding in a few vintage (or vintage inspired) art pieces.

French 1800s Antique Grès Stoneware Pitcher 

Because nothing says perfectly imperfect quite like a genuine antique. With variations in its shape and color, this piece looks elegant and chock full of personality.

 Bee Wine Glasses

 In Olive Green 

La Rochere, a venerable French glassmaker with a history spanning five centuries, exhibited exquisite craftsmanship in the creation of these glasses. The subtle wash of color and the recurring bee motif, characteristic of their product line, exude elegance and a rejuvenating charm. Additionally, the chunky yet functional shape of the glass adds a touch of whimsicality.

Vintage Missy Rug

The interplay of muted peach, beige, and hints of blue in this rug is a tapestry of haphazard yet stunning beauty. These variegations not only enhance the rug's allure but also underscore how the passage of time can enrich and enhance decor.

Model 54 Lounge Chair

Boasting a modern silhouette and luxurious texture, this chair commands attention, transforming an otherwise mundane corner into a captivating focal point.

Tip: Pairing the chair's modern design with a vintage or vintage-inspired pillow, rug, or throw would create a delightful juxtaposition.

Vintage French Enamelware Decorative Coffee Maker, circa 1920 

This oddly shaped vintage piece is not something you can find just anywhere. It's double handles and the extra-long design feels strange, like from a dream or a wonderland tea party.


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