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Dining room remodel with natural light, rustic accents in Georgetown

About Storie

Storie Collective, led by Sara Swabb, is a nationally-acclaimed interior design firm based in Washington, D.C.'s historic Georgetown neighborhood. Sara's innate ability to envision a space’s potential, along with her commitment to honoring classic details and respecting clients' visions, culminates in the transformation of homes into exquisitely crafted, functional spaces. She artfully blends cherished family pieces with new, vintage, and bespoke elements, weaving a narrative that harmonizes the past, present, and future.

Sara's understanding of the design process, coupled with her extensive network of artisans and trades, allows her to curate purposeful homes that serve as both a collection of artful moments and a cohesive embodiment of her clients' life stories. 

Recognizing the intimate nature of working within her client’s homes, Sara and team prioritize relationships built on a foundation of warmth, integrity and transparency, thus ensuring Storie becomes a beacon of excitement as clients experience the unfolding of their dream homes. 

Our Team

Sara Swabb Storie Collective Washginton DC design firm founder.jpg

Sara Swabb

Founder & Creative Director

Maddy Geremia Storie Collective Maryland Full-Service Design Firm Procurement Coordinator

Maddy Geremia

Procurement Coordinator

Cynthia Gilmore Storie Collective Georgetown Interior Design Firm Brand Director

Cynthia Gilmore

Brand Director

Ari Harris Storie Collective Washington DC Interior Designer/CAD Specialist.jpg

Ari Pendergrast Harris

Junior Designer/CAD Specialist

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