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Curated Pieces Inspired by a Seaside Refuge

With the dawn of a new season (hello, spring!) and travel plans in full swing, we find ourselves craving the feeling of being by the water. Dreaming of warm air and soft, sultry nights, this collection is inspired by languid days spent by the ocean. This edit includes items that take an elevated, subtle approach to nautical design, and includes items curated for their moody earth tones, organic shapes, and cozy textures which bring an air of serenity to wherever you may be.

Toffee Velvet Accent Pillow

Taking inspiration from the rich browns of beach wood, this pillow incorporates rich color and texture to create a tonal environment that is grounded and soothing.

While velvet may not be an obvious choice when designing a coastal-inspired space, the durability of this fabric makes it a great choice that will last without showing signs of wear.

Tidal Moon Jar Vase

A one-of-a-kind, hand-made piece evokes cool, Wabi Sabi style. The organic shape of this vase feels eclectic and curated.

Tip: Add this to an entryway console table, or bookshelf to give your home an artful and collected feel.

Mohair Throw

This ultra-fluffy throw is made of fine, non-itchy mohair and wool fibers. Created in one of Ireland's oldest textile mills run by a small family of trained artisans, the true beauty of this throw is that it is made with fair trade and fair labor practices in mind.

Tip: Pairs nicely with an Adirondack chair and wistful stargazing.

Art Deco Silver Catch-All

Originating from Japan, this silver tray is a unique piece that evokes elegant mermaid vibes. While we love understated

coastal decor, this adorable shell takes a once kitschy coastal motif to a place of elegance.

Tip: This tray would look beautiful resting by a sink or bath, or placed on coffee table for a great conversation piece.

Bolga Floor Baskets

Rattan and woven textures are a classic element of coastal design, and baskets like these are a great way to incorporate this beachy texture.

Tip: These baskets are wide enough to be used as planters! Add some elegant greenery (our favorite is an olive tree) to bring your home to life.

Flora Rice Stone Centerpiece

Another sculptural accessory that is reminiscent of the sea, this stylish bowl looks like a sea creature

floating on the ocean floor.

Tip: This stone bowl has a flat center, which would be perfect for displaying your favorite candle on a side table or mantle.



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